The WI group interests lie in the areas of information retrieval, data mining, and machine learning. The group also focus on user engagement, personalisation, inferring users interests and recommendation based on users histories and contents they have visited in the Web.

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To accelerate the process of fact checking and online misinformation detection, one approach is to exert the advantage of crowdsourcing and analyze

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The group enjoyed the 2019 Christmas dinner at a wonderful Indian restaurant.
Most of the recommender systems today operate at the level of an individual’s actions as a way to model what
During the last few years how people access information in the web has changed significantly. Smart phones and intelligent assistants
Hi there! Welcome to our new website. Here you'll find information and news about our group. Cheers! The WI Group.
The WI group is currently recruiting new PhD students and postdocs. Interested applicants with strong backgrounds in machine learning, probability