Talk by Emine Yilmaz: “Research Challenges in Devising the Next Generation Information Access Systems for the Web”

During the last few years how people access information in the web has changed significantly. Smart phones and intelligent assistants has now made the Web an integral part of our every day lives. This change has led to several research challenges that need to be tackled, such as the need for making search systems/intelligent assistants more accessible and smarter, as well as the need for detecting misinformation and bias available online.

In this talk I will talk about the research we have been doing within my research group regarding these two areas. I will first talk about the work we have done in devising systems that are closer towards understanding users when they use the Web and how we have made such systems more intelligent. In the second part, I will be talking about the research we have done in detecting misinformation and bias available in online systems such as search engines and newspapers.

Location: G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre, University College London, Roberts Building, London WC1E 7JE
Registration: eventbrite